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Pet Bus Stations + Stops

Partner stations We partner with many other public pet friendly businesses, truck stops, and airports all across the U.S. which helps us extend our routes to more destinations.

Rest stops and meal breaks

Your bus will make scheduled stops throughout your journey so that your pet (and pet's driver) can get off the bus and have a break.

Here are the different types of rest stops:

Rest stop

Breaks are scheduled in daily to let your pet out and be walked. We select safe stops off the highway at such areas as truck stops, travel centers, and rest areas with designated pet friendly areas. Water is offered at each break.

Meal stop

Usually around 30 minutes to allow each pet its meal.


A longer break for rest and sleeping for all onboard. Your driver will sleep on the van with your pets or take them into a pet friendly motel. No one will be left unattended in a vehicle overnight.


When you need to get off one bus and onto another, we'll stop at a Pet Bus station (or, occasionally, another partner station) for your transfer.

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