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Select Your Pet's Bus Seat

We are pleased to offer you a selection of 2 types of a bus "seat" for you to choose for your pet. As part of the bus trip we will provide a travel crate appropriate for your pet's size and in accordance with USDA standards. Each pet will have the use of a USDA certified, sanitized travel crate.

Choice A ~ Canine Camper by Midwest Pet Products:

Our Canine Camper bus "seats" (crates) are soft sided crates made of sturdy canvas. They have mesh windows all around that have adjustable flaps that roll up or can be left down at your pet's discretion for the ultimate comfort and privacy. Each luxurious crate is outfitted with a soft and comfortable fleece bottom. This type of crate is non-stackable and allow for major air flow because of their 'floor to ceiling" windows.

We offer the Canine Camper crates made by Midwest as a more comfortable alternative to the hard crate but PLEASE BE AWARE that if your animal chews, rips, or tears their crate during their bus ride, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for complete financial reimbursement. We will pre-charge your card $175.00 deposit which will be refunded at the end of the trip or used to cover the cost of a replacement.


Choice B ~ Petmate Vari Kennel:

We also offer the Petmate Vari kennel hard crates (crates approved for airline travel) for our more aggressive, lively, and chew happy pawsengers. If you feel your pet would be more suitable to travel in these type carriers, please let us know. It is important to realize that a pet may exhibit out of characteristic behavior during transport - such as chewing or other destructive behaviors so please take this into consideration when selecting your pet's "seat" type.This crate is used for duration of the trip for safety reasons. We also provide the bedding and pillows. You will want to pack your pet's favorite toy.

You will be asked to select your choice of "seat" during the planning process as well as for your pet's dimensions for proper crate fitting.

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