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Meals on Wheels ~ Whining & Dining

Your Pet's Food

We ask that you provide your own food as we do not want to upset your pet's digestive system. We strongly suggest bringing your dog’s food from home. We will happily feed your pup our food but it is best for them to not change foods rapidly especially during travel. If you would rather we feed your dog our house food, we can do so at no charge.

Also, if we find en route that we are running low on your pet's supplied brand of food we will start to gradually mix our brand with yours and transition your pet slowly. Please advise of ANY food allergies in advance.

Canine Culinary Option

Perhaps your beloved furry child's palette is a bit picky and used to dining delicacies? Or maybe your pet is used to chopped chicken and fresh veggies sprinkled over some rice. Special menu selections, including wet food or refrigerated food & meal items are available on most buses with AT LEAST 72-hour advanced notice. Our culinary canine chef will be happy to prepare some creative canine cuisine for the road.

Your Pet's Feeding Instructions

We ask that you supply us with your pet's feeding instructions a week in advance. We compile that information prior to departure.

Treat Time

With your permission treats will be administered during the day. Each night a pet is given a bedtime "snack" (treat). Please feel free to provide us with your own snack pack for your pet also - send along his or her favorite treats & flavors.

Meal Time

Meal time is in the early morning and early evening. We tend to feed a pet on the lighter side during meal times rather than a heavy large meal during transit. Water is provided throughout the day.

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