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Request a Price Quote on Moving My Pet by Air

Please fill out the form below so we can provide you with an initial price estimate for your pet's relocation.This form is to obtain a rough estimate rather than an exact price based on your pet's actual information. There is no obligation in submitting this form.

Making Flight Reservations for Your Pet:

If you prefer for us to just take care of your pet's flight arrangements and logistics - your pet's plane ticket combined with our booking/handling fees typically range from $325.00 - $875.00 depending on pet's weight/size and travel crate. Costs may be more expensive for international flight arrangements and air fare. Another economical alternative for moving a pet domestically is opting for our door-to-door ground transportation service.

Full-Service Domestic Relocation Overview:

Full-service door-to-door domestic relocation usually starts at a minimum price of $1000.00 (pet's air fare, our booking fee, and pet taxi pick-up & delivery) for relocating a pet within the United States. Choosing to use a door-to-door pet taxi airport service for your pet is often very expensive. Pet Taxi rates alone can range from $125.00 - $350.00 each way depending on the airport, your residential location, and time of flight.

Full-Service International Relocation Overview:

The cost for international relocation often starts at a minimum of $2000.00. This pricing includes air fare, import fees, customs clearance services, import permit (if necessary), quarantine (if applicable), and all of the required country import and export health & vaccination documentation, rabies FAVN blood testing (if required), and the necessary USDA international travel endorsements.

Here are testimonials from just a few of the many happy pet parents that have used Life Unleashed's pet relocation services.

Please Note: Animal must be at least 8 weeks old at time of travel. Safe pet transport requires comprehensive planning. We do request 1 week's advance notice for air travel moves within the USA and at least 30 days' notice for international relocation. Depending on the country of destination some countries require at least six months of preparation before your pet is allowed entry.

We cannot assist with travel requests that do not include at least one arrival or departure leg within the United States. We also do not ship to/from all countries. For example we currently do not ship pets to/from Japan, China, or East Timor.

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